Finale Blog Submission

In several blog posts, I have discussed the social and cultural impacts of networked culture. The posts I have selected verge from the lecture topics.

In the post The Chains of Technology, I discuss the issue of privacy, or lack-thereof, and how we, the citizens of the Western developing world, have become so attached to these instruments that we have become disillusioned by them. I have chosen this post because it ties in with the recent Ashley Madison hacking. The lecture on the hacking of the website was not solely about said hacking, but about the issue of privacy, and I wanted to continue with it. In Whoever thought the internet was democratic?, I discuss the oligarchy of the internet and the danger of it. This is an extension on The Chains of Technology, which talks about the same issues.

The next two posts are similar to one another. Footprints is my reaction to the lecture on Digital Labour. I disgusted in my footprint on the world, and have only grown to understand better my responsibility to the present and future. I used the slavery footprint survey as a springboard to the topic of consumption, and chose to focus more on the consumption of clothing than technology such as phones and computers, as the turnover of clothing seems higher than that of the digital devices. Sustainability, the antidote to consumerism acts as a twin to Footprints. It discusses consumption in the aftermath of the wars, and uses this as a springboard to highlight the aftermath of consumer culture. In both blog posts I reference artists and artworks which reflect on the blog topic and the culture at hand, and set the tone. Footprints features grim artworks showing mass consumption, while Sustainability, the antidote to consumerism lightens the tone by featuring sustainability in art.

One of the last blog posts I create came not as a reaction to the lectures but from the assessments of the subject on a whole. This unit has asked of me to use video to illustrate stories. It also asked us to collaborate with others in order to produce these videos. This was a difficult task to do, but I found it easier to do on my own. In Video Process, I discuss the process of my last media assessment, which was a video on ‘Purple House’, a short story about a haunting and surreal house. I note how this subject opened me to the tool of video, and my chances of approaching video would be slim if not made to.

The posts I have selected are a representation of what piqued my interest in the lectures. With many of them I have linked back to art, which only extends my understanding of the topics at hand.


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